Where are you located?
We are a home based business located in Kingsley, Perth, Western Australia. You can contact us on 0412 300 280.

How far in advance do I need to order my cake?
Usually 2 weeks are needed for birthday cakes and event cakes. Please contact us to see if we are available as we may still be able to fulfill your order, even with less than a week’s notice. For wedding cakes, we prefer a minimum of 2 months to ensure we can plan and prepare. During holidays, peak seasons (Spring and Summer) and other popular occasions, we may book out quickly.

Is there a minimum order for cupcakes?
Our cupcakes are sold by the dozen.

Is there a delivery charge?
If your delivery location is within 20km from Cake O’Clock’s premises in Kingsley, there is no additional delivery charge as the cost of delivery is included in the order. If it is outside of this area, please contact us with details as we will be able to deliver it for a fee or we may be able to make a more suitable arrangement.

What forms of payment do you accept?
At this time we accept Cash, Credit Card (via PayPal [3% surcharge]), Bank Cheques and Bank Account Transfers.

Can I design my own cake?
Yes! Please look around for ideas or inspiration. Websites such as Flickr or Google Images are a great place to start. You can also tell us who the cake is intended for and some of their likes or interests. This allows us to create a fully personalised cake.

May I sample your cake, icings and fillings?
Yes. We may not have your particular flavour cake on hand at the time of your enquiry, so you may have to wait up to three months for a sample to be available from another order. We require you to collect the sample, but there is no extra charge to try these ‘offcut’ samples. However, if you want to taste a flavour without the wait, we can make you a miniature cake or cupcake order for a minimal fee. Please ask us to quote you for a tasting.

Do you use coloured icing on your cakes?
We use food colouring and love to do interesting and vibrant designs with them, including adding the colours to the filling ganache or buttercream. Because food colouring has tendency to stain teeth and clothing, we recommend that darker or stronger colours such as black, navy and red be avoided or used minimally. Some colours are even susceptible to the elements and can change colour depending on the temperature, humidity and amount of light exposure. Please discuss your design with us.

Do you cater for people with allergies?
Our products may contain or have trace elements of milk, wheat, nuts, soy, and other allergens. We have a few recipes that can be converted to gluten-free and/or dairy-free, but please notify us what allergens must be avoided and we can discuss your options.

How big is a serving size of cake?
It depends if you are serving any other desserts. If you are, you would do best with a Coffee portion – dimensions are 1 inch wide by 1 inch deep by 3 to 4 inches high (depending on design of cake). If no other desserts are being served, a Dessert portion would be more suitable – dimensions are 1 inch wide by 2 inches deep by 3 to 4 inches high (depending on design of cake).

Do you price differently for wedding orders and general cake orders?
No. We charge ourselves out at the same rate regardless of the occasion. You are quoted specifically for what your order entails.

How many wedding cake orders do you take for a weekend?
In order to provide the best quality work, we limit ourselves to 1 wedding order per weekend to ensure your cake receives the attention it deserves.

How much do you charge for a Wedding Cake Consultation?
Nothing! Simply give us a call on 0412 300 280 to set up a free consultation at our premises that will last approximately 1 hour. During the consultation you will have the opportunity to discuss your ideas one on one with the decorator and address any questions you may have regarding your cake. Please bring any photos, sketches or other ideas you have for your cake and wedding reception with you. Also it helps to know what the dress and invitations look like, so please bring photos or samples of them too. That way we can match the cake to all of these items.

At my wedding, who cuts the cake(s)?
Check with your caterer or reception venue, some of them will provide this service free of charge while others will charge a small fee. Another option is to have family members or close friends cut the cake for you, but remember that you may still  incur a cleaning charge from your venue (please check with your venue).