Hello! My name is Pamela Jones and I am the owner, baker and decorator for Cake O’Clock.

Cake O’Clock was officially registered as a business in July 2010 but started long before, from humble beginnings.

I have always had a love for art and design, and from a young age I knew I would end up with a career that was focused around art. I have studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design and I began studies to be a primary school art teacher so that I could inspire children to have the same passion for art that I have within me.

In late 2008, my husband and I were expecting our first child. Due to complications with the pregnancy, our son was delivered at 25+5 weeks gestation, at 500 grams weight and spent over 6 months within the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Princess Margaret Hospital. To give thanks to the doctors and nurses who saved and cared for our little boy, I made cakes for each of his milestones including cakes for each kilo he reached.

When our son got to come home, I spent my days caring for him and driving him back and forth to PMH for the large number of therapy appointments he had there. Unfortunately, I could not return to work or study, as bringing home a simple cold could make him ill enough to be re-admitted to hospital. My husband very kindly continued to work, supporting us as a family and allowing me to care for our son.

When our little boy became well enough, I realised I wanted to return to work but without the risk of bringing home a ‘bug’. With all the kind words that the doctors and nurses commented on my cake decorating skills, I began to market research and look into the making of a cake business. After quality testing all my recipes and getting council approval, Cake O’Clock was born.

Since its inception, I have received many compliments on both the taste and decoration of my cakes and I continue to enjoy the process of making someone’s dream cake, whether it be for a wedding, birthday or corporate event. Making a cake is a difficult process and it can sometimes be a challenge to get the cake just perfect, but I love the thrill of turning an amazing idea into an edible masterpiece.